Book a Perfect Look Workshop


Ever wondered why SJP looks elegant and carefree in a full ballet skirt, while the same outfit makes you look like a froufrou milkmaid? Or why Salma Hayek looks so sexy in a dress that would make you look 20 years older?


We all come in many different shapes and sizes and what looks good on a petite blonde will not necessarily work on a curvy Latina – and why should it? Style is about working with what you’ve got, knowing what looks good on you and letting your inner confidence shine through.
My workshops help you to identify your best features and learn how to accentuate them through fashion. We will work together to identify your perfect style and I will teach you how to dress better and smarter.
Most of my clients just need a little guidance when it comes to finding their perfect look. Once you know how to dress for your shape, you can take a whole new approach to clothes shopping and invest in classic, quality pieces that will look great on you time and time again.
So put down that magazine, stop worrying about the figure you don’t have, and start celebrating the shape you’re in at my next fashion workshop.