The colour that looks amazing on everyone

The colour that looks amazing on everyone

Call it mustard, call it chartreuse, call it plain old yellow. However you choose to describe it, this is somehow the colour that looks amazing on everyone. At least according to style maven Rachel Zoe.

“Yellow is one of those colours that intimidates people,” she said, on her style blog The Zoe Report. “It’s bright as can be and can feel challenging to pull off. Likely the last shade one with a predilection for neutrals would reach for, it’s also often overlooked by colour fanatics who instead reach for safer bolds like red or cobalt.

“The reality, however, is that yellow has the potential to look incredible on everyone – we’re talking all the skin tones – and it happens to be a major trend for summer.”

Zoe says there is a shade for every complexion. Fair-skinned fashionistas should go for a pastel shade in pale lemon or sharp sorbet. Pair white accessories for an ethereal look.

Medium and olive complexions look amazing against warm, golden tones. Think sunshine yellow, or glowy apricot shades that almost veer into ‘orange’ territory. These colours are surprisingly versatile and look great with primary coloured accessories. Add a bright green bag, chunky blue bangles, or a statement necklace and watch those heads turn.

For darker complexions, go for the most vibrant yellows money can buy. Chartreuse is always a winner, while acid-washed neon yellow is one of the hottest shades of 2017.

The right shade of yellow will brighten up the most ordinary outfit, making it perfect for those rainy summer days that Britain is famous for. What’s more, once you find your perfect hue, it will complement your skin tone to give you a summery glow that no amount of make-up can reproduce.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the lead of Rachel Zoe and the rest of the fashion set and start trawling the rails in search of the colour that looks amazing on everyone.