The secrets of a Primark employee

The secrets of a Primark employee

It’s popular for its instant fashion fixes and infamous for its t-shirt-strewn floors. But have you ever wondered what its really like to work at Primark? Read on to learn the secrets of a Primark employee

1. Heading voices

You know that familiar voice that tells you which till to pay at? Well Primark employees actually have control over whether their till announcement is in a male, or female voice. According to former staffer George Allen, the male voice is “louder and more effective”.

2. No bargains

The only time employees get staff discount, is at Christmas and even then it’s only 10%.

3. Discount rules

But apparently customers can easily get 10% knocked off their shopping without debate if there is a fault, or mark on the item.

4. The Book of Faces

They keep a ‘Book of Faces’ behind the customer services desk, which is Primark’s equivalent to a Burn book, as it’s filled with CCTV close-ups of badly behaved/thieving customers.

5. Clothes folding pros

You get a 10-minute crash course in clothes folding on your first day. Yeah, if that pile of crumpled T-shirts makes you cry, imagine how the staff feel.

6. What’s a code two?

Apparently “urine and faeces” on the shop floor is “pretty common”. With cleaning staff having special announcements so they know what to expect, i.e: “cleaner to menswear, code two.”

7. Avoid the stockroom

There’s pretty much no point in asking the staff to look for your size in the stockroom. Apparently it’s a massive room, filled with cardboard boxes and no one knows where anything is.

Despite all this, George said there were a few upsides to working at Primark. He claimed that the staff are the best he’s ever worked with, and pointed out that every minute of overtime is added to your pay cheque.

However, some might say that’s the least you could ask for when you’re dealing with mountains of dirty clothes, irate customers and the odd “code two”.